Splitbox by audiominima – Extract vocals from any song

SPLITBOX is a powerful AI-based tool to extract the vocals of any music track as well as the instrumental. With this purchase, you will get SPLITBOX desktop application for Windows and Mac and one year of updates.

Drag a song to the app and … voilà!

Elevate your sampling possibilities and create unlimited creative assets with one simple step. Use the isolated vocals or instrumentals to create remixes, mashups, edits, or just sample and transform the vocals completely.

Tailored for music producers

SPLITBOX is distributed as a standalone application so it works like any other program you install on your computer, regardless of the DAW (Ableton Live, Logic PRO) you use.

One year of free updates

Every time a new version of the software is released, SPLITBOX will get smarter in extracting the vocals from tracks. With this purchase, you will get access to every update published during the next 12 months at no additional cost.  After a year, you can continue using your Splitbox version as always, but you might want to purchase another license to receive future updates.

Compatible with Windows and MacOs

SPLITBOX is available as a desktop application for Windows 10 and macOS Catalina.


splitbox desktop app + one year of updates